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Transforming Real Estate Business Online: A Case Study in Custom Web Design & IDX Integration

Transforming Real Estate Business Online: A Case Study in Custom Web Design & IDX Integration

In an industry as competitive as real estate, a captivating, user-friendly website can be the deciding factor for potential customers. When it comes to real estate websites, one critical component often required is IDX integration. IDX (Internet Data Exchange) enables real estate professionals to display property listings on their websites, gathered from multiple listing services (MLS). 

Today, we share a case study from our own experience at Mepa, where we helped a leading US-based real estate company elevate their online presence with custom web design and IDX Broker integration. 

The Client's Requirement

Our client sought a unique website that mirrored their brand and market positioning, with seamless IDX Broker integration. The latter would fetch and display properties from the client’s database based on various parameters, including property type, status, value, images, and location. Further, they required heavy customization of IDX Broker pages to maintain design consistency throughout the site. 

Our Approach

Choosing WordPress for its scalability and flexibility, we initiated the design process with wireframes for the homepage and unique pages. Upon approval, these designs were brought to life using Figma. 

The integration of the IDX Broker plugin required a team with technical expertise to ensure uninterrupted operation without compromising the website’s aesthetics. We managed to uphold a visually consistent design throughout, contributing to a pleasing user experience. 

Project Execution and Results

With a dedicated team, including two senior developers, an intermediate developer, two quality analysts, a designer, and a project manager, we delivered the project over nine weeks. The result was a visually appealing, user-friendly website that exceeded the client’s expectations. The seamless IDX Broker plugin integration allowed for easy access to property details, enhancing user experience and boosting website visibility. 

Technologies Utilized

The technologies and tools leveraged for this project were: 

  • WordPress 
  • IDX Broker Plugin 
  • HTML 
  • Advanced CSS 
  • Figma 


This project illustrated our capacity to fulfill complex requirements, seamlessly integrate third-party plugins, and maintain a strong focus on design and user experience. The client’s satisfaction and the robust performance of the website post-launch bear testimony to our commitment to quality and our wide-ranging technological expertise. 

For businesses seeking similar solutions, Mepa is here to assist. With our profound experience and prowess in real estate web design and development, we can help you capture your audience’s attention, drive engagement, and generate leads. Contact us at to explore possibilities or visit to learn more about our services.