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Streamlining System Operating Environment (SOE) Image Creation and Management for Large-Scale Organizations

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Team Composition

  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Sr. Developers
  • QA
  • Designer
  • Business Analyst


Our Australian client approached us with a challenge. Large-scale organizations were grappling with the time-consuming process of creating and updating System Operating Environment (SOE) images for their Windows-based machines. The need for a solution that could automate and simplify this process was evident.


The client required a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application capable of creating SOE images that encapsulated details such as Windows versions, OEM devices info, driver details, and installed software. These images would then need to be automatically uploaded to the AWS Cloud and updated with the latest versions of all components. 

Additionally, the client sought a subscription model based on Image Size in GBs, Number of Images, Number of Software Applications, and more. The application would need to include modules for Profile Management, OEM Management, Category Management, App Loader, Create an Image, Order Management, Reports, and Invoices. 

The overall goal was to allow end-users, based on their membership, to install these images on any compatible machine within their organization, thus eliminating the hassle of configuring each machine individually. 

The website was designed to provide a seamless user experience with a focus on showcasing the client’s SaaS product effectively. We emphasized the product’s unique selling points, benefits, key features, and screenshots on the site, along with a clear call-to-action for users to schedule a demo.

Mepa’s content writing team worked on generating SEO-friendly content that resonated with the target audience and conveyed the client’s message effectively. We also implemented basic SEO techniques, including Title, Meta, Meta-tags, Meta Descriptions, and Image Alt-tags, to improve the site’s visibility on search engines.


Our experienced team, consisting of 1 Project Manager, 1 Team Lead, 4 Senior Developers, 2 Quality Assurance professionals, 1 Designer, and 1 Business Analyst, came together to address this challenge.

We dedicated approximately ten months to the development of the SaaS application, which included stages of scoping, wireframing, designing, front-end and back-end development, quality assurance, and deployment, along with post-live support.

The front-end was developed in Angular JS, Json, while the backend web API was built using ASP.NET Core. We meticulously crafted every requested module, ensuring a comprehensive solution for the client’s unique needs.


The result was a robust, user-friendly SaaS application that efficiently creates and manages SOE images for Windows-based machines, with automatic updates and uploads to the AWS Cloud. With this solution, organizations can now save substantial time and resources in machine configuration processes. 

The subscription model has been positively received, offering flexible pricing based on usage and needs. Thanks to our solution, end-users can now swiftly install these SOE images on any compatible machine, dramatically streamlining their workflows. 

By delivering on the client’s requirements and exceeding their expectations, our team showcased its ability to tackle complex challenges and develop innovative solutions that not only solve problems but also enhance efficiency. 

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This project reaffirmed the importance of understanding the client’s needs and delivering an efficient, tailored solution. We continue to provide post-live support, ensuring the smooth operation of the application, and look forward to solving more challenges with our expertise and dedication to excellence.