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Fleet Management & Tracking System – An Agile Approach to Fleet Management

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The Team

  • xamarin Developers
  • api / backend Developers
  • QA
  • Project Manager
  • Designer


In an increasingly connected world, the need for efficient fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions has never been higher. One such demand arose from our Australian client, which was initially working on a safety app. Through this process, they realized a broader opportunity: a fleet tracking solution that could provide value not only for small and micro-businesses for tax reporting purposes but also for larger organizations for proactive maintenance and breakdown prevention. They envisioned a solution that could streamline tracking and reporting, provide insights into vehicle performance, and deliver admin control for corporate users.

However, the task was easier said than done. Our client required a solution capable of running in an all-Microsoft Windows environment, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, and supported by a fleet’s onboard computer with an OBDII interface.


Mepa, leveraging their technical expertise, embarked on this ambitious project. The primary solution revolved around the Fleet Management system, designed to offer a wide range of functionalities. 

In release 1, Mepa focused on the following key features


By partnering with Mepa, our client could launch a robust and versatile fleet management solution tailored to their specific needs. Mepa’s agile approach allowed for scalability, setting the stage for further enhancements in future releases. 

With the Fleet Management System, users gained a streamlined, intuitive tool for managing vehicle fleets, facilitating vehicle tracking and reporting, offering tax documentation, and providing valuable insights into vehicle performance. The project proved to be a success, meeting Our client’s requirements and setting a solid foundation for the future versions of the application. 

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