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14 WordPress Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

14 WordPress Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Web developers have always given top priority to WordPress. WordPress powers more than 30% of a million top-notch sites on the internet. The convenient drag and drop functionalities in WordPress make it one of the most preferred platforms on the web. Keeping the popularity of WordPress in mind, we share some top trends to watch out for in this platform in 2022 –

Voice Search

Voice Search has gained high popularity in the e-commerce industry. Many smartphone users are switching to Voice Search rather than typing products and services they require. Therefore, if you have a WordPress website, you will have to make it voice-search friendly. Smartphone devices like Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod have gained high popularity in recent years. While building a WordPress site, you need to understand the needs of your target audience and think of the various ways in which you can control the voice search algorithm. While you write product descriptions, remember the terms the users might be using for searching for specific products.

Usage of Videos

Many websites utilize videos for promoting their products and services. This trend is not new and will continue to appeal to audiences. Graphical illustrations help to draw the attention of users and generate sales.

White Space

While building a WordPress website, using white space can help you draw the attention of users and maximize engagement. Adding white space to the various pages of your site, including the home page will make it look uncluttered. White spaces on web pages have gained high popularity in recent years and the trend will keep growing in the near future. 

Dark Mode

Dark mode helps to create a lively impression and at the same time maintains clarity and visibility. It also helps people focus more on the content of a website since it alleviates eye strain.

Multipurpose Themes

A multipurpose theme enables a user to build any type of website with all features needed for doing business. Multipurpose themes cover different types of websites. This is the major reason why multi-purpose themes are gaining popularity among users as well as web developers. These themes stand out because of their functionality for all types of websites. 


Gutenberg editor is a new feature that WordPress introduced for content editors. It enables you to add background color without writing any code on its content blocks. This feature is very helpful since it enables you to highlight specific sections of a blog post. Using the default Gutenberg editor, you can customize any post or page. The plugin has more than 300,000 active installations in 51 languages.


The theme customizer is one of the most useful default features of WordPress and can be accessed by anyone using WordPress. All that you will have to do is to log into the WordPress admin area, go to appearance and click on customizer. All these options can be accessed via your WordPress admin panel on the left-hand side. Once you follow these steps, a customizer interface will open in the current theme. If you don’t feel comfortable using other page builders, then you can use the customizer’s default theme for modifying the theme. While making changes, you can preview them in real-time. 

Artistic Typography

Typography is one of the major design tools. You can alter the appearance of your website by only choosing the most suitable fonts. Typography is a major factor to highlight your text and add animations to it. The typewriter effects along with highlighted headings will help people find the most important content of your site. 

Minimalistic Designs

Minimalistic designs ensure smooth navigation for users. The use of flat graphics and white space offers more usability. In simple words, minimalism is a style of designing that lays importance on simplicity and removes all nonessential elements in an object. This style of design is in stark contrast to ornate, complex designs. Minimalistic designs can be created in different ways. One of these is reducing the number of colors in the design. Therefore, avoid using too many colors. It will help in reducing the complexity of the site’s design. You can talk to web development & design for WordPress customization to create a clutter-free site with a minimalistic design.


A lot of brands use chatbots for enhancing user experience and to answer their queries quickly. Chatbots are a quick, effective way of handling queries of customers and offering the right information to users. You can also use chatbots to navigate a website and acquire useful feedback. You can get in touch with a company for WordPress development in India or use an online chatbot builder for generating leads and boosting sales. It becomes easier to set up a chatbot with WordPress and improve sales.

Drag and Drop Builders

Experts in the industry believe that drag and drop website builders will continue to gain the attention of startups and small business owners. You can build a feature-rich e-commerce website even if you do not know coding. A website can be launched quickly by using drag and drop builders. Such builders offer you an option for viewing what your website looks like. Many plugins can be used with WordPress to add desired functionality to your website.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) play a major role in the way online shoppers visualize the products they want to buy online. For instance, an e-commerce store offering virtual trials for apparel can generate more sales since shoppers can try the clothes they want to buy. IKEA uses AR technology to help users visualize how furniture looks in their stores. Virtual in-store experiences will redefine the retail industry’s future in the days to come.  

One-Click Demo Import

WordPress offers a one-click demo import option using which users can view the demo of themes in just one click. It helps them save substantial time before selecting a theme for developing their WordPress-based website. These unique features enable you to import all comments, menus, categories, and posts for customizing the demo content of the theme.

Websites Are Mobile-First

At present, one cannot overlook the significance of mobile-first websites. The increasing use of smartphones & tablets has made business owners focus on creating responsive websites and reaching out to a wider audience pool.


As a popular content management system (CMS), WordPress is used to build scalable websites for both big and small businesses. WordPress development is therefore the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether you plan to design a new website or revamp the existing one, look for a reliable company for CMS website development in India. They will help you build a feature-rich website, and help you save your efforts and money.