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10 Vital Aspects To Look Into While Hiring Full Stack Developer

10 Vital Aspects To Look Into While Hiring Full Stack Developer

These days, we often hear people with an IT background talk about the front end and back end. Frontend is from where users can access the web via the browser. Technologies such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript are commonly used to target end users. In the case of backend, more importance is given to the business logic and data aspect of a web-based app. Backend can be implemented in different programming languages. There are three major steps in web development that a full-stack developer needs to be aware of. They are mentioned below –


Also called front-end system, interfacing is the stage when the user interface is created. During this stage, the web developer translates the wireframe into code and builds intuitive apps.

Server-side logic

This stage is also called the back-end system and it is used for processing data or content on the server side. Programming languages such as Java, Ruby, and Python are commonly used by developers during this stage.


This is the third and final step and includes data storage, data indexing, general questions, and connecting a site through an API. If you want to hire full stack developers, look for candidates who can work on all the three stages mentioned above with perfection.

When should you hire a full stack developer?

Make sure that your project requirements are precise and can be understood easily. Make up your mind on the development model you will choose when you outsource or develop in-house. After preparing a transparent decision-making process, prepare a set of guidelines before starting the hiring process.

Qualities to look for in a full-stack developer

A skilled full stack developer has sound knowledge of all front-end and back-end technologies. Look for a professional who is skilled at working on the most widely used programming languages. Look for a developer who is good at working on databases, UI, and everything in between them.

Has an area of expertise

Identify the specific needs of your business and decide the prime area of focus. If you relate to web technologies such as JavaScript, then your full stack development process will include CSS, HTML, database systems, OS, payment systems, and word control management.

Has expertise in one programming language, not all

Pay attention to the technologies that the prospective candidate will be working, on daily. Most web developers try to learn as many programming languages as they can. But doing so is impossible because of the wide range of technologies available. A skilled developer focuses on learning one important technology with perfection.

Ability to detect and remove the kinks

A full stack developer should be equally at home with both front-end and back-end development. CSS, HTML, and Java form the base of most web development projects.

Assess the candidate’s grasp of various programming languages

A potential candidate must have in-depth knowledge of technologies used for front-end and back-end development, and be capable of managing various databases. Keep one thing in mind. The know-how of a candidate should not be restricted to knowledge of technologies. He should have hands-on experience in working on various projects.

Assess The Candidate’s Portfolio

A skilled developer will have a portfolio of various development projects. While taking interviews, ask candidates to show work samples so that you get a clear perception of their skills. Search for indicators that are the essential qualities of a good programmer such as exposure to previous projects and contribution to open source. 

Check the distinctive qualities of the candidate

Apart from testing the knowledge of different technologies, check whether the developer you want to hire can guide a project in the right direction, understand the concerns of the customer, and work according. Give precedence to someone who is highly flexible. He can switch between multiple projects for assisting teams in various areas when it is necessary. You can rely on such a person when your team faces deadline problems.


The full stack developer whom you will hire will work on numerous projects. Therefore, he should a good understanding of your business requirements. He should be aware of technical terms and should be able to deal with clients and clear their queries.

Assess His Technical Skills

A web developer must have the following technical skills –


JavaScript is widely used for writing server code. So, knowledge of JavaScript is a plus point for a full stack developer.


Having these technical skills is necessary to build an eye-catching UI. Having front-end skills can be beneficial for working on projects that have frameworks like Bootstrap, AngularJS, Backbone.js, and Vue.js.

Web Architecture

A full stack developer needs to have a good understanding of web architecture to enable the development of code structures, store data sets, segment files and ease computational projects.


This is an explicit communication protocol used by servers. REST on the other hand is an interface that makes use of HTTP for implementation. Knowledge of both these will be a major plus point for any candidate.

UX Design

Taking the end-user’s point of view is essential while developing an app. How will the user view and use an app? Look for a developer who has an interest in designing UX components.


 Though there are numerous web developers you would come across, companies often face challenges to hire Indian developers who have a good understanding of their business needs. Using the tips we have mentioned above, you can hire skilled, experienced full stack developers who offer effective solutions not just for your website and web pages, but also for apps and software systems.