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10 Steps For Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

10 Steps For Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

Do you have a mobile app idea that is really out of the box, and you want to move forward with it? If you have opted for app development outsourcing rather than an in-house team, we’ve ten steps that will help you outsource your app development process to a trustworthy organization-

Identify your audience and platform

It is essential to have a strong awareness of your target audience, even before you start developing your app. Keeping your target audience in mind, develop an interface that satisfies their expectations, which enhances the mobile app’s performance ratio. The choice of mobile channels and apps depends on your goals for your application or premium user if you want to grab a broader market share. Creating an Android app will help you to gain a more comprehensive market share.

Build a team with innovative ideas with

You will need to take into consideration a variety of elements to create an app. So, if you lack good technical and graphic skills, then you will have to build a team of skilled professionals. Do you want to use online tools to build a mobile app? This is certainly a good idea, but the app created won’t be as precise as a professional mobile app. You need a great team to create a unique app.

Make It User-Friendly

The idea you have in mind may be in abstract form at the outset, but it is a must to keep things clear when designing the first application. You want the customer to know exactly what the app is about in an instant, and it will draw their attention to try it. Most people download apps to make their lives simpler. The user interface is the core of the production process. The actual architecture of the app must be transparent and convenient to use.

Customize Your App

To attract prospective users, you will have to make your app as useful and scalable as possible. Users should be able to change the display’s color, fonts, and also privacy settings of the app. Your choice of configuration needs to be good but users should not get confused so that they forget the primary use of the app. Include alternatives such as color change and skin change.

Update Your Website Periodically

The technology domain is constantly evolving, and your app must do the same. There are still new trends, and their frequent inclusion of new functionalities is a great way for doing. It helps sustain the involvement of consumers and creates an app that is ideal to ensure more downloads.

Ask For A Project Plan

Don’t hesitate to ask a mobile app developer for a project plan if you are not providing him with one. A project plan will help streamline the development process and makes it easier for completing the project by breaking it into different phases.

Opt For A Service Model

To hire outsourcing app developers, go for project-based, dedicated teams, or out-staff working models. You will have to choose an app development based on your own set of requirements, for instance, your experience with the platform you are developing for, skills with specific technologies you’ll need to implement, etc. Then, you will need to focus on geography and communication. There are three types of development providers who have been classified by their location-onshore, nearshore, and offshore. While you research how to outsource application development, you’ll have to decide on the location quite early in life, as it will impact your communication with developers.

Figure Out The Cost of Outsourcing App Development

Why do you want to outsource? First and foremost, it will help you in saving thousands of dollars because of price differences across regions. At present, app developers based in North America, Western Europe, and Australia are the most expensive and charge up to $250 per hour. Developers in Eastern Europe (especially Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus) offer comparable quality at a price that is two to three times lower than $110 per hour. Companies in Africa and the Far East offer rates which start from $10 per hour. But keep one thing in mind. Many app developers from these regions have a questionable reputation, and surely you won’t want to risk the quality of your app. Outsourcing mobile app development provides you access to the best professionals across the world. In most cases, it helps you to save a substantial sum as compared to the cost of similar services within your own country.

Start with an MVP

A full-featured application takes years to develop and costs thousands of dollars. This deters many entrepreneurs from even attempting to start software businesses. They are not ready to start sacrificing a major part of their lives and risk their savings. But, starting with a minimum viable product, or MVP is a much safer bet. When starting an MVP, you will need to implement your idea with minimal resources for verifying its viability. The main aim is to launch a product within the shortest period and start proving your concept with the real users. Once the idea shows some potential, you can move on to developing new features. As well-implemented ideas attract investors, you won’t have to count on personal savings or loans. Think about outsourcing your app MVP as an opportunity for kick-starting your idea.

How will you calculate the cost of outsourcing MVP app development?

The cost of a mobile app depends on the time you have spent developing it. The number and complexity of features, technology, and third-party features matter also. Whether you are building a mobile app for internal corporate communication, or a secure communication channel for military purposes, you have to remember your target audience and the needs that your service has to meet. There’s a wide variety of possible features for a social network like file sharing, photo editing, video streaming, video calls, and event management. So, the price to develop a mobile app varies widely.